Marc Zuluaga, PE is the chief executive officer at Steven Winter Associates (SWA). He has
directed energy audits on over 20 million square feet of existing buildings and leads a team
committed to applying a rigorous technical approach to the evaluation and implementation
of a wide range of building upgrades. He is also the project manager for the Deutsche Bank
/ Living Cities Energy Efficiency Data Report Project. Within the new construction sector,
he has overseen SWA’s high-performance design and commissioning services for Dunn
Developments Martin Luther King Apartments, the first high-rise multifamily ENERGY STAR®
building in the country. Since the completion of this building in 2006, he has worked with
Dunn Development, Phipps Houses and other major NYC developers to continuously evaluate
and refine efficiency strategies, building on previous successes. He has led many successful
research initiatives that have been grounded in the real world challenges and opportunities
uncovered in SWA’s day-to-day work for clients. Most notably, he has worked since 2005 to
pioneer a retrofit approach to central exhaust ventilation systems in multifamily buildings,
working openly and collaboratively with practitioners across the country. More recently, in
research sponsored by the Urban Green Council, he acted as the team leader on a project to
quantify the winter heat loss due to air leakage around window and sleeve air conditioners
in NYC. He has also provided technical input to inform various policy initiatives; in 2010,
he served on the NYC Green Codes Task Force that was convened by the Mayor’s Office to
recommend green changes to the laws and regulations affecting buildings in New York.

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