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Continuing Education Credit Packages and Knowledge Points

Build Your Own Continuing Education Package with HalfMoon Education Knowledge Points!

What Are Knowledge Points?

Purchase Knowledge Points in set amounts and redeem them for any HalfMoon Education product, including live webinars, in-person seminars, and on-demand courses.

Knowledge Point Value

1 Knowledge Point = 1 Credit Hour

Each Knowledge Point equals one 60-minute credit hour.

Example Points Usage:

6 Knowledge Points = One 6-credit-hour (360 minute) course
6 Knowledge Points = Three separate 2-credit-hour (120 minute) courses

Benefits of Using Knowledge Points

Tuition Savings

Enjoy up to 31% off registration tuition.

Unlimited Access

Choose from over 1400+ courses in any available format.

Tailored Learning

Access more region and state-specific courses than any other provider.

Interactive Webinars

Engage with live webinar instructors almost every business day of the year.

No Expiration

Your Knowledge Points never expire!

Continuing Education Credit Package and Knowledge Point Options

15 Knowledge Points


Savings of 10-22%

20 Knowledge Points


Savings of 16-26%

24 Knowledge Points


Savings of 22-30%

30 Knowledge Points


Savings of 25-31%

Don’t Need All Your CE Now?

No problem! Knowledge Points never expire. Hold onto them for your next renewal cycle. HalfMoon Education will track your Knowledge Point balance for you.

Checking Your Knowledge Points Balance

Every time you redeem your points by registering for a course, your updated point balance will be included in the confirmation email (please refer to your latest confirmation email for your updated balance). You can also call our customer service at (715) 835-5900 ext.1 for assistance.

Exemptions and Rules

Knowledge Points cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Knowledge Points cannot be used to register attendees other than the owner of the points. Knowledge Points cannot be combined with other payment methods.