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We are a nonprofit continuing education provider located in the Eau Claire, WI area or the Chippewa Valley. Our goal is to provide you with affordable quality continuing education activities that keep you current and competitive in your profession. We take pride in every activity we individually craft, and we value each and every customer who entrusts us for their educational needs.

HalfMoon LLC began providing high-quality continuing education seminars to professionals in 1996. In 2012, HalfMoon was transferred from HalfMoon LLC to the new not-for-profit organization, HalfMoon Education Inc. At that same time, HalfMoon Education acquired Foxmoor Continuing Education, a respected provider of post-secondary learning activities and programs for attorneys, accountants and financial professionals.

In February 2016, HalfMoon Education Inc. retired the Foxmoor name and website and began offering former Foxmoor seminars under the HalfMoon Education Inc. name. Foxmoor customers will receive the same superior offerings and responsive customer service that they received under the Foxmoor name.

HalfMoon Education selectively recruits distinguished faculty members in your area that understand your needs and teach you what you need to know.

In addition to our quality seminars and webinars, we take pride in providing you with unsurpassed customer service and guarantee your satisfaction. We listen to your program suggestions and ideas for improvement, resolve your complaints, and make sure your CE credits are reported or you receive the documentation you need to substantiate your achievements.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site to learn more about HalfMoon Education. By listening to your ideas, suggestions, and even criticisms, we are able to better serve you. We welcome your feedback. You can use our Suggest a Seminar link, our Become a Speaker link, or find a staff member to email or call on our Contact Us page.

Our Mission

The HalfMoon Education Mission is to…

…develop and sponsor high-quality, timely, and competitively-priced continuing education seminars taught by respected professionals who possess expertise in the subject matter they present.

…provide the finest customer service available in the industry. Each customer and potential customer is as important now as the day HalfMoon Education opened for business. The needs and concerns of each customer are handled promptly, courteously, and satisfactorily.

…provide CE activities to those experiencing financial distress, students, and retirees by offering discounted tuition rates upon request.

…provide a work environment that respects the uniqueness and talents of each employee. In addition to competitive compensation and benefits, the HalfMoon Education owners understand the importance of employees maintaining a balance between work, personal needs, and family responsibilities.

Our Name

When deciding on what to name our company, we wanted to avoid the temptation of trying to sell our seminars with a fancy company name. Even though we sponsor lessons throughout the United States, but rarely in our own backyard, we wanted to keep the name local.

HalfMoon was chosen in honor of the spectacular, yet brief, white pine lumbering industry that dominated the Chippewa Valley in Northwest Wisconsin from the 1830s to 1880s. The pine forests of this area were renowned for their size and density.

The Chippewa River and the Eau Claire River, which run through The Valley, were an ideal mode of transportation for the logs harvested during this era. In all, forty billion feet of timber were taken and moved on the rivers.

Eau Claire, birthplace of HalfMoon Education and center of the Chippewa Valley, is located where the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers converge. During the lumbering boom of the 19th Century, Eau Claire had the largest number of operating sawmills in the world. Serving these sawmills were two holding ponds for the harvested logs, one being Half Moon Lake.

Today, Half Moon Lake is a scenic feature of Carson Park in the heart of Eau Claire. Instead of holding logs waiting for the saw blades, it is used for fishing, swimming, and remembering the hard work and tenacity of the lumberjacks that braved the difficult conditions of lumbering in the Wisconsin north woods.