Karey Windbiel-Rojas, Associate Director for Urban and Community IPM

Ms. Windbiel-Rojas is the Associate Director for Urban and Community IPM and Area Urban IPM Advisor with the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program (UC IPM). In her role as Associate Director, she provides leadership and coordinates communication and collaboration to address pest issues around homes, structures, landscapes, gardens, schools, and public areas and works with various audiences who live in or serve these areas.

Ms. Windbiel-Rojas oversees UC IPM’s statewide urban educational materials, including content for the UC IPM website, training materials, and printed resources. As a cooperative extension advisor, she conducts research and provides educational resources on local pest issues in the three counties she serves.

Ms. Windbiel-Rojas earned a Master’s degree in Integrated Pest Management from UC Davis in 2006, where her studies focused on entomology, biological control, and pesticides, and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

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