East Region Garden Roof Technical Sales Coordinator for American Hydrotech, Inc.
Mr. Winegar is the east region garden roof technical sales coordinator for American Hydrotech, Inc. (AHI) based in Chicago, Illinois. AHI is an international supplier of waterproofing, roofing and green roof materials and accessories. In the Garden Roof Department, Mr. Winegar’s responsibilities include supporting the field team with his knowledge of the garden roof-specific components including engineered LiteTop® growing media, drainage materials, plants, edgings, and other supplies required to complete a garden roof. In addition to assisting the sales team, he is a resource for contractors, architects, landscape architects and other consultants that take a project from concept to construction. Mr. Winegar has been in the landscape industry for almost 20 years. Mr. Winegar was a part of the green roof industry while it was still in its infancy in Chicago, working on projects of various size, scope and difficulty. To supplement his green roof background, he has vast knowledge of Midwest native plants and at grade green infrastructure. His experience as a contractor has brought a new perspective to the Garden Roof Department, and he hopes to continue to foster relationships with those connected to American Hydrotech projects.

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