After 20 years in photography creating art, and selling and installing professional photography equipment, Mr. Williams decided to change careers and make the world a better place by becoming a LEED accredited professional through the US Green Building Council in 2006. LEED introduced him to water issues. Then there was drought. With a love of rivers and appreciation of water, he decided to focus on rainwater harvesting and water efficiency as Georgia entered its worst drought in its history from 2006 – 2009. In 2007, Mr. Williams started designing and installing rain harvesting systems. In 2008, he became an American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association accredited professional, ARCSA AP, and is currently a regional representative. In 2012, Mr. Williams began auditing commercial, institutional and multifamily buildings’ water use and providing solutions to reduce water use primarily through fixture upgrades. He spent the next several years auditing commercial, institutional and multifamily buildings as part of his job in sales and account management working for several different companies. In 2013, he landed the contract for fixture upgrades for the Bank of America Plaza’s LEED Silver Certification, reducing water by 57 percent, receiving all seven points and saving 2,669,360 gallons per year. The project won the USGBC’s Ebie award for water efficiency, the Atlanta Metro Chamber’s E3 award for water, the USGBC – GA Chrysalis award as well as the Atlanta Better Building Challenge award. In 2019, Mr. Williams started representing Sustainable Water’s WaterHub water recycling system that uses eco-engineering processes to clean wastewater for non-potable needs. Sustainable Water brought the WaterHub to Emory University, recycling more than 400,000 gallons daily. Currently, he is designing and installing rainwater systems in Georgia and helping others use water more efficiently through water audits, billing assessments and fixture recommendations. Mr. Williams is chair of the Ocmulgee Basin Advisory Committee of the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District and has been active since 2007. He still creates art though his photography.