Terracon Consultants, Inc. – Great Falls, MT
Mr. Williams is a senior geotechnical engineer and geologist with approximately 37 years of experience in the intermountain northwest region. Mr. Williams holds a bachelor of science degree in Geological Engineering and a master of science degree in Civil Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. He currently works for Terracon Consultants and has provided foundation analysis and design for projects ranging in scale from single-story, light duty structures to large industrial facilities, bridges, and nuclear facilities. He has performed slope stability studies for open pit mines, earth dams, and municipal reservoir foundations, and has completed site characterization and design studies on major U.S Department of Energy and Defense projects. Mr. Williams’ field experience includes development and implementation of exploration plans for large projects, including drilling, geophysical exploration, geologic mapping, and large-scale sampling programs. Mr. Williams has worked for several large engineering firms and has a broad range of experience and expertise in geology, geophysics, and geotechnical engineering.

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