Lead Estimator at GSL Electric Inc.Mr. Wright is a lead estimator for GSL Electric. He is currently serving as vice president of Chapter 51 (Salt Lake City) of the American Society of Professional Estimators. He began his construction career as a young carpenter, working during the summers for MK Construction as a framer and finish carpenter. During this time, he also learned how to pour concrete, and he was soon overseeing the operations for a concrete construction company that specialized in footings, foundations and flatwork. Mr. Wright also learned to operate slip form and paving machinery and was involved in the I-15 reconstruction project until 2002. Before starting his careeras an electrician in 2005, Mr. Wright was a superintendent for a custom home builder. He completed all four years of electrical apprenticeship training with the IEC. He wrote an article that was published in Estimating Today, “How to Estimate the Cost of an Emergency Back Up System in a Hospital”. Mr. Wright began his estimating career as a junior estimator at GSL in 2006. In 2008, he became a lead estimator, where he prepares ROMs, budgets, estimates and proposals for commercial and industrial electrical projects. He became a certified professional estimator (CPE) in 2015. Currently, Mr. Wright is acting as a lead estimator bidding a wide variety of electrical projects throughout the Western United States. As well as being responsible for completing the bids and ensuring the completeness and accuracy of his bids, he also trains and mentors younger estimators.

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