Registration:                        8:00 – 8:30 am

Morning Session:                8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Lunch (On your own):         12:30 – 1:30 pm

Afternoon Session:             1:30 – 5:00 pm

Introduction to Grounding and Bonding

   Ground fault paths
   Review of Ohms Law
   Electric shock hazards

General Requirements

   250.4(A): Grounded systems
   250.4(B): Ungrounded systems
   250.6: Objectionable current
   250.8: Connection of grounding and bonding equipment
   250.12: Clean surface

System Grounding

   250.20: AC systems to be grounded
   250.21: AC systems not required to be grounded
   250.22: Circuits not to be grounded
   250.24(A): System grounding connections
   250.24(B): Main bonding jumpers
   250.24(C): Grounded conductors in service equipment
   250.30: Grounding separately derived AC systems
   250.32: Separate building feeders

Grounding Electrode System

   250.52: Grounding electrodes
   250.53: Grounding electrode system installation
   250.54: Auxiliary grounding electrodes

Grounding Electrode Conductors

   250.62: Grounding electrode conductor materials
   250.64: GEC installation
   250.66: GEC sizing
   250.68: GEC and bonding
   250.70: Methods of grounding and bonding


   250.90 General requirements
   250.92: Bonding of services
   250.96 Bonding other enclosures
   250.102: Bonding conductors & jumpers
   250.104: Bonding pipe systems & structural metal
   250.106: Lightning protection systems

Equipment Grounding & Conductors

   250.110: Equipment fastened in place
   250.114: Equipment connected by cord and plug
   250.119: ID of equipment grounding conductors
   250.120: EGC installation
   250.122: EGC sizing
   250.126: ID of wiring device terminals

Methods of Equipment Grounding

   250.130: EGC connections
   250.136: Equipment considered grounded
   250.142: Grounded conductor and grounding equipment
   250.148: EGC continuity and attachment

Grounding Specific Equipment Overview

   517: Health care facilities
   517.13: Grounding in patient care areas
   517.17: GFCI protections
   547: Agricultural buildings
   547.9: Electrical supply from distribution point
   547.10: Equipotential planes and related bonding


Professional Engineers
     7.0 CPD Hours/PDHs

     7.0 HSW Continuing Ed. Hours
     7.0 AIA HSW Learning Units

Ohio Electrical Contractors 
     7.0 Code Hours 

International Code Council
     Approval Applied for/Pending

Continuing Education Credit Information

This seminar is open to the public and offers 7.0 CPD Hours/PDHs to professional engineers and 7.0 HSW continuing education hours to architects in most states, including Ohio. Educators and courses are not subject to preapproval in Ohio.

The American Institute of Architects has approved this seminar for 7.0 HSW Learning Units (Sponsor No. J885). Only full attendance can be reported to the AIA/CES.

Engineers and architects seeking continuing education credit in other states will be able to claim the hours earned at this seminar, in most cases. Refer to specific state rules to determine eligibility.

The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board has approved this course for 7.0 Code hours for electrical contractors. Licensees must present their Ohio licenses and photo identification at the seminar in order to obtain a certificate of completion and have their hours reported HalfMoon Education Agency No. 741).

HalfMoon Education is a Preferred Provider with the International Code Council (No. 1232). Course approval is applied for and pending. Please confirm approval prior to registering for this seminar.

Attendance will be monitored and attendance certificates will be available after the seminar for most individuals who complete the entire event. Attendance certificates not available at the seminar will be mailed to participants within fifteen business days.


JD White

Consultant at Freelance Electrical System Design and Drafting
Mr. White’s past ten years with Columbus State Community College in Columbus, Ohio, as its Skilled Trades Program coordinator, has provided him with insights beyond teaching, including migration to semesters, and providing oversight of 144 apprenticeship courses and 28 open enrollment courses covering construction, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and welding. Mr. White helped craft 15 plans for study for various certificates, AAS majors, and ATS majors. He has been an active part of articulation agreements, with various vocational career programs and apprenticeship programs. He started a new open enrollment program in June of 2007, which had over 200 active students, and filled 28 course sections per term, prior to him handing it over to a new faculty member. Mr. White is presently working with 10 apprenticeship partnerships with annual enrollment of 1,500 students. He has oversight of five labs, equipment, materials, and lab personnel.

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