Registration:                        8:00 – 8:30 am

Morning Session:                8:30 am – 12:15 pm

Lunch (On your own):         12:15 – 1:15 pm

Afternoon Session:             1:15 – 5:00 pm

Wildfire Science and History
R. Hazard

    History of wildfire in California
   Causes and effects of wildfire
   Effect of fire on built environment
   Land use planning
   California State Fire Plan and local fire planning

Effective Site Planning of Structures  
and Landscape for Fire Prevention
E. Bildsten

   Overall principles of fire movement based on wind,
      topographic landform and native landscape
   Strategies for resilient structure site planning
   Strategies for resilient landscape design
   Case studies – successful and unsuccessful outcomes

Automated Wildfire Suppression System
T. Cole

   Environment – Fast moving, wind-driven brush fires
      • Fire temperatures
      • Thermal ignition
      • Wind-borne ember ignition
      • Fire wire
      • Deluge triggering systems
      • Storage tanks
      • Pumping systems
      • Where and why
      • Fire Department
      • County
      • ABR

Fire-Resistant Building Exteriors
B. Henson

   Reviewing building codes and standards
   Fire-resistant building materials and construction techniques
   Fire-resistant roofs
   Fire-resistant wall systems
   Fire-resistant doors and windows

Other Fire-Resistant Structures
T. Cole

   Retaining walls
   Decks and patios
   Paths and walkways

Fire-Resistance Workshop
B. Henson

   Designing a new fire-resistant residence
   Retrofitting an existing residence


     7.0 AIA HSW Learning Units

Professional Engineers
     7.0 Continuing Ed. Hours

Landscape Architects
     7.0 LA CES HSW PDHs

     Non-Credit Continuing Ed.

Continuing Education Credit Information

This seminar is open to the public and offers a non-credit continuing education opportunity to California architects, professional engineers, and landscape architects. Continuing education for California engineers and landscape architects is not required for license maintenance or renewal in California. This course does not qualify for California architects’ accessibility continuing education requirement.

The American Institute of Architects has approved this seminar for 7.0 HSW Learning Units (Sponsor No. J885). The Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System has approved this course for 7.0 HSW PDHs. Only full attendance can be reported to the AIA/CES and LA/CES.

This course qualifies for architect and professional engineer credit in all states. HalfMoon Education is an approved continuing education sponsor for engineers in Florida, Indiana (License No. CE21700059), Maryland, New Jersey (Approval No. 24GP00000700), New York (NYSED Sponsor No. 35), North Carolina, and North Dakota. HalfMoon Education is deemed an approved continuing education sponsor for New York architects.


Ellen Bildsten

Bildsten Architecture and Planning, Inc.

Ellen Bildsten AIA is principal architect at Bildsten Architecture and Planning, Inc., a Santa Barbara-based firm that brings integrated design skills and sustainable strategies to a wide variety of projects. These include commercial, campus, residential and multifamily housing projects on California’s central coast. Projects focus on integration of indoor/outdoor spaces and the interaction of private and public areas, both in individual structures and in the planning of communities. The work style is collaborative and team-oriented, working closely with owners and users to develop carefully-considered design concepts that address programmatic needs and goals. The firm draws upon the expertise of consulting engineers for an integrated project approach that is mindful of budget and gives high priority to functional design and energy efficiency. The architectural team remains fully engaged throughout the project, guiding the process from initial design concept through construction documents, permitting, bidding, and construction administration. In addition to heading the firm, Ms. Bildsten is committed to the Santa Barbara chapter of the American Institute of Architects. She served as chapter president in 2011 and continues as advocacy chair, heading numerous efforts related to zoning for multifamily housing, Santa Barbara downtown revitalization, and fire/debris flow recovery efforts with the County.

Thomas Cole

Cole Design Montecito

Thomas Cole is the owner of Cole Design Montecito and is a builder, licensed California general contractor, developer, designer, patented inventor and long time Montecito resident. Over his 40+ year career he has specialized in foundation and drain projects, fire prevention designs and installation of hundreds of surface and subsurface drain and pumping systems. Mr. Cole has drained apartment complexes, a golf course and even a municipal airport. He has drawn hundreds of his own plans for permits on foundation and drainage projects all over California. Mr. Cole holds several patents/pending for stormwater gathering devices, a police-used tear gas dispersing device and other pending devices. He also earned a juris doctorate degree at night school, graduating from the Santa Barbara Institute of Law in 2000. After he and his family were evacuated from Montecito for the fourth time in 2009, he designed an automated wild fire suppression system and has been spreading this information ever since. The system uses all Cal Fire tested and approved existing equipment. After extensive research of matching pumps to generating systems, and triggering systems to actuator systems, the present design emerged as a stand-alone solution. He offers talks on these systems, their construction, operation and results.

Robert Hazard

Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Robert Hazard has been a member of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department for 20 years and is currently the Deputy Fire Marshal, Battalion Chief rank. He began his fire service career with the US Forest Service in 1988, working on the Los Padres National Forest as a member of the Los Prietos Hotshot Crew. Ten years of wildland firefighting in the USFS Hotshot program developed in him a strong affinity for the wildfire discipline that he has kept throughout his career. Mr. Hazard was born and raised in Santa Barbara, attended Santa Barbara City College, and lives on the Santa Barbara South Coast. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council. Mr. Hazard is also a SBCFD Wildland Academy lead instructor, SBCFD Wildland Steering Committee member, and SBCFD RT-130 instructor. He is part of the USFS Region 5 California Central Coast Incident Management Team and the Santa Barbara County Operational Area Incident Management Team 3.

Bryan Henson


Bryan Henson is the president and CEO of Bevyhouse and is a nationally-recognized leader in the custom residential and remodeling world. He grew his former company, Allen Construction, to one of the top five remodeling companies in the US. While at Allen he expanded the company from 45 to 130+ employees, increased the company’s geographic reach from Paso Robles, California to Los Angeles, and initiated multiple divisions within the company to serve their clients. Mr. Henson recently started Bevyhouse, an innovative modular home building company, to address the challenges of labor shortages, increasing costs, and long timeframes associated with standard construction projects. Bevyhouse is currently working on fire rebuild projects across the state from Malibu to Mendocino.

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