Nick Wrenn has been in a deep relationship with trees for as long as he can remember. As a young child he could always be found in the woods playing amongst the trees. During high school and college, Mr. Wren worked as a landscaper in the suburban environment just outside Philadelphia. College took him down a different road where he studied Civil Engineering and worked on highway projects. His formal work with plants began in earnest after leaving his job in construction management in early 2020. Since that time Mr. Wren has been fully committed to working with plants, especially trees. As he explored various plant-based careers, he came across the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham and in 2021 completed the Soil Food Web School foundations courses. With an appreciation and understanding of the soil food web as a foundation he went on to research permaculture, compost production, regenerative agriculture, plant breeding/seed saving and agroforestry. Over the past 4 years Mr. Wren has filled various roles on small scale farms, completed compost production trainings, attended various workshops, and co-run several seed swaps. His main work over the past two years has been to establish a tree nursery and food forest on his grandparent’s farm in Cedar Grove NC where Mr. Wren grows 1000s of mostly native, mostly food producing trees each year. These trees are offered bare root during the dormant season. The nursery also offers various tree seeds and cuttings. He uses the food forest site to explore various low input techniques for establishing trees and shrubs.