Mr. Wilson is a senior wildlife biologist/wetland ecologist with Coastal Environments, Inc., (CEI) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has over 21 years of professional experience investigating the ecology of a wide variety of flora and fauna in the southeastern United States with experience in the areas of environmental compliance and biological investigations, primarily wildlife biology, ecology, botany, wetlands, and biological assessments. Additionally, he has been accepted by the court as an expert in the fields of biology, ecology and wetland delineation. Mr. Wilson’s project responsibilities and experience at CEI include remote sensing and image interpretation; jurisdictional wetland delineations and determinations; site assessments; oil spill assessment monitoring; environmental surveys/inspection/monitoring for pipelines; litigation support; wetland and wildlife management plans; habitat mapping; mitigation bank establishment and monitoring; water collection, soil and tissue samples for lab analysis; and surveys for protected species, migratory birds, wading bird rookeries, herpetofauna, mammals, mussels, and vegetation. Mr. Wilson’s projects have ranged from multi-state projects to small, site-specific areas. He has performed field surveys across the southeastern United States and trained and managed biological teams to complete complex jobs. His project experience has given Mr. Wilson insight into research methodology and ecology in the southeast.