Richard “Dick” Brooks is a CMU/SEI certified Professional Software Architect with over 40 years of software engineering accomplishments, primarily serving the Energy industry in the development of software solutions for secure message exchange, analytics (both data and cybersecurity) and enterprise architecture design/implementation. In 2018, Dick Co-Founded Reliable Energy Analytics, LLC (REA) along with Joanne Brooks to focus on the development of NIST C-SCRM (SP 800-161 Appendix F) + NTIA SBOM solutions, called SAG-PM (TM), to satisfy FERC Order 850 supply chain regulations and the Cybersecurity Executive Order, 14028, including OMB M-22-18. REA is an active member of the DHS CISA ICT_SCRM Task Force, Small and Medium Business Work Group, CISA Industrial Control System Joint Working Group (ICSJWG) and CISA’s Critical Manufacturing Sector Coordinating Council CM SCC and the IETF SCITT working group focusing on standards to improve consumer visibility into the trustworthiness of app store software using “Trust Scores” for each app across all app stores, following the recommendations of NIST for consumer software labeling.