President of Koncept Carma, Inc. (dba KBI)
KCI was founded on the principle of empowering people to effectively deliver on promises to clients. KCI is a Florida based Minority Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) with various governmental entities throughout Florida. KCI has expertise in preparing Stormwater Pollution Plans and performing NPDES Inspections for Construction projects and Industrial facilities. By implementing practical and sustainable environmental management solutions, KCI helps clients eliminate stormwater pollution which is the leading cause of water quality problems today. KCI helps clients take initiative to reduce stormwater pollution, so our ecosystem may remainĀ  healthy. During her 23 years in the construction industry, Kathryn has actively worked on many high-profile projects varying from land development for large homebuilders, commercial construction projects, and roadways. Prior to stormwater management, Kathryn gained experience through her involvement in pre-construction services, state of Florida of government affairs, and customer support and service. Kathryn graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Political Science. Stormwater is a passion for her, and she enjoys working on high-influencing projects where her strengths can influence best management practices that will reduce unnecessary cost for clients while enhancing a positive impact on our environment.