Charles “Chuck” Allen has over 12 years of experience in building envelope and architecture forensics. His experience and knowledge focus on the control layers of building enclosures, including roofing systems, wall assemblies, cladding systems, fenestration systems, and other design issues that can create opportunities for catastrophic mold and moisture failures. He has applied his expert architectural knowledge and cutting-edge technological skills to some of the world’s largest and most complicated building failure projects, many of which span multiple construction industries. These include the 1.2 Million SF Orlando VA Medical Complex, FRHI 2,000+ rooms in Southeast Asia, Disney’s Grand Floridian Building Envelope refurbishment, and The University of Virginia CAS and ITE building. His ability to efficiently aggregate, organize, analyze and deliver information based on massive data points makes him a necessary part of building forensics projects worldwide. He is also a reviewer of the updated NCARB Mold and Moisture Monograph course.