Stormwater and Flood Team Leader at Plummer in Dallas, TX
Mr. Ballard is a licensed civil engineer holding a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Brigham Young University. He was first introduced to numerical modeling methods as an undergrad and continued with his graduate work in 2D surface water and sediment transport modeling.
Since then Mr. Ballard has obtained experience using a variety of hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling solvers and platforms on a variety of different engineering applications (HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, XP-SWMM, TUFLOW, SRH-2D, SMS). In addition to a broad range of engineering skills, he has helped hundreds of engineering firms apply numerical models to their projects all around the world. In the past Mr. Ballard has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in hydraulics and hydrology, and he is currently teaching professional continuing education courses for the new 2D tools in the HEC-RAS software.
Mr. Ballard is active in professional organizations including the Texas Floodplain Managers Association (TFMA) and ASCE Texas Section where he serves as the current Honors Committee chairman. He is also a committee member of the EWRI National Computational Hydraulics Technical Committee.
Mr. Ballard is the Stormwater and Flood Team leader for Plummer and started the High Water Mark, a website for resources, information and current events specific to water resource engineers. He currently lives in the Dallas area with his wife and five daughters.

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