Mr. Brem is a registered professional engineer in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. He has led his own small civil engineering and land surveying practice for over 31 years with two offices and up to 25 employees. Mr. Brem’s experience includes designing private land developments, storm water management systems, sanitary sewer systems, wastewater treatment facilities, roadways, surveying, construction management, and a host of other professional services primarily for private, for-profit companies. He has been involved in the design of over 3500 residential single-family house lots many of which were open space or cluster developments, thousands of condominium units, and over 2.5 million square feet of commercial/ industrial/institutional space. Mr. Brem has advised MassDEP in numerous task forces and committees including as a present full member of the Stormwater Advisory Committee and on the Title 5, Septic System Stakeholders Group. He is currently the president elect, past treasurer, and member of the Board of Directors for HBRAM (the Massachusetts Homebuilders Association). Mr. Brem is also the immediate past president of NEBRA, and a national delegate of the National Association of Home Builders based in Washington, DC. He has co-authored, with Harvard Law School Professors Joseph William Singer and Brandon Storm, a legal case study on development entitled the “Case of the Interfaith Neighbors”, July 2016 (PSW021-SM01). Mr. Brem is active professionally and recreationally as an avid skier, boater, and golfer.