Stan Boder, is a Senior Herpetologist and project manager at EnviroScience with 23 years of experience surveying and managing wildlife populations. He is a Qualified Timber Rattlesnake Surveyor in Pennsylvania and New York. He has conducted over 500 timber rattlesnake surveys and has over eighteen years of experience providing and supervising construction biomonitoring for reptiles. Mr. Boder has experience with state and federal consultation for endangered species, botanical surveys, Allegheny woodrat surveys, small-footed bat surveys, natural diversity inventories, and habitat projects for various threatened and endangered species. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Wildlife Society and the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles. In his free time, Mr. Boder conducts long-term research and survey projects on timber rattlesnakes and other herpetofauna populations in Pennsylvania