University of Colorado-Denver College of Engineering, Design and Computing
Dr. Blackler is a board certified, licensed, and experienced water resources engineer specializing in flood recovery, applied hydraulics, hydrology, the engineering of stormwater systems, and open channel hydraulics for urban, rural, and flood prone areas due to changes in fire and how those changes effect natural stream systems. He brings practical and theoretical experience to any project or classroom. Dr. Blackler is a consultant who manages many technically challenging projects, he has six (6) peer reviewed publications in ASCE’s journals of hydrology, hydraulics, and irrigation and drainage. He is an instructor at UC Denver’s College of Engineering Design and Computing for the Hydrologic, Environmental, and Sustainability Engineering Program (HESE). Additionally, Dr. Blackler is an honorably discharged veteran of foreign wars and served with the US Army Corps of Engineers under the 4th Infantry Division for OIF and OEF combat tours.