Wayne Bailey, has been volunteering and working in public safety since 1975. In 1995 he started employment with the North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM). During his time at OSFM, he served as a certification specialist and deputy director over training, certification, accreditation, and ISO Inspections for the state. In 2016, he started flying uncrewed aircraft. In 2018 he was credentialed as an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot in Charge. Also, Mr. Bailey is internationally accredited by IFSAC and ProBoard as an NFPA 1041 Level III instructor, accredited chief training officer by the Center for Public Safety Excellence, and executive fire officer graduate from the National Fire Academy. After retiring from OSFM in 2019, he went to work for Blue Ridge Mountain Drones as their chief pilot. Mr. Bailey stays busy teaching the FAA part 107 rules to primarily public safety and high school educators. He volunteers his time as an FAA Safety Team Member (FAAST) and is a designed Drone Pro by the FAA. Since 2019, Mr. Bailey has taught over 100 FAA Part 107 classes to over 1,500 students.