Attorney in East Lansing
In her 15 years of energy regulatory experience, Ms. Babcock has worked for both the public and private sectors and with utility commissions and legislative bodies. A former newspaper reporter, Ms. Babcock began working for the Michigan Senate’s minority policy staff in 1996. At that time, Michigan hoped to be the first state to deregulate its electricity market. Deregulation came years later, but Ms. Babcock’s interest in energy policy was piqued and she enrolled in law school. She then clerked in the Regulatory Affairs Division of the Michigan Public Service Commission, where she was responsible for drafting commission orders and creating administrative rules on animal contact current, or “stray voltage,” an issue that had been unresolved for a decade. After graduating from law school, Ms. Babcock worked at the MPSC’s “21st Century Energy Plan,” which created a renewable portfolio standard, certificate of need process for new energy plants, and other updates to Michigan’s 1939 energy statute. Ms. Babcock later worked for Integrys Energy Services, primarily monitoring legislation and regulatory affairs in New York and the ISO-NE states. She is a co-author of the January 2011 Michigan Bar Journal article “Changes in the Law Governing Public Utilities.” Ms. Babcock is a graduate of Michigan State University College of Law and the University of Michigan.

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