Lucelene G. Almeida Civil Engineer at Bryant Associates, Inc. – Lincoln, Rhode Island

Ms. Almeida is a civil engineer at Bryant Associates, Inc., in Lincoln, Rhode Island, where she covers projects in several states. She joined Bryant in 2007 and has more than a decade of experience in roadway and site design. She specializes in drainage design, stormwater management, environmental permitting and construction implementation/inspection.
Ms. Almeida holds a B.S. degree in International Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. She is a board member of ASCE Rhode Island Chapter and a past director of Finance for WTS-Rhode Island. Ms. Almeida designs site-scale green infrastructure best management practices (BMPs) to slow and filter stormwater runoff for sensitive projects like river walks. The designs also incorporate low impact development (LID) measures to the maximum extent practicable. BMPs such as stormwater planters, rain gardens, green gutters, green alleys, and tree pit/tree trenches are evaluated as part of the design. She also designs for bigger scale projects such as highways, roads and roundabouts with BMPs such as grass swales, bypass structures, and detention/infiltration basins. Ms. Almeida focuses on stormwater master planning which has the ultimate goal of applying the state’s stormwater management standards “project-wide” rather than on an individual basis. In an effort to reduce flooding, Ms. Almeida develops sustainable approaches that rely on a combination of small-scale interventions with the aim of reducing the speed of the flow of converging runoff before it reaches discharge points
and water bodies. A hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the existing systems and proposed modifications are required to ensure that modifications will not cause flooding or other undesirable conditions for adjacent infrastructure or site uses. Ms. Almeida also looks into water quality practices that serve double duty by adding trees in or around walkway planters and other green infiltration-based practices to boost cooling and shading. Ms. Almeida considers potential extreme weather events during project design and factors in climate change when
determining locations of critical stormwater BMPs and drainage systems. Flexibility in the operations of the BMPs may include smaller units in series or with space for future growth that accommodates current and future needs. She evaluates, designs and builds (or rebuilds) physical infrastructure, such as catch basins and pipes to handle increased
stormwater flows.

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