Dr. Robert Ahl works as a Geospatial Systems Specialist in the USDA Forest Service|Lands, Minerals, and Geology|Automated Lands Program. He has an extensive natural resource background, with application of geographic information systems and remote sensing to assess and model vegetation characteristics, water yield, and wildlife habitat. In recent years he has also obtained remote pilot certification and manages a remote sensing services agreement with the University of Montana. In the Automated Lands Program, he helps manage a team of contractors that focus on Land Status Record System data development and maintenance, with emphasis on creating spatial representations of right-of-way, land adjustment case boundaries, and other administratively or congressionally
designated changes to land status. He is also a manager of the Program’s National Geospatial Data Asset – the Proclaimed Forest boundary dataset and provides program support for the Title Claims and Encroachment Management System (TCEMS). In collaboration with his team members, he also helps develop mapping templates for the Legislative Map Tool, and Special Uses Map Tool.