Minnesota State University MankatoDr. Budge is a member of the Civil Engineering program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He has been teaching Geotechnical Engineering courses, including “Foundation Design” and “Earth Structures,” for over ten years. Prior to joining the faculty at Minnesota State Mankato, Dr. Budge worked with the Utah Department of Transportation. Since moving to Minnesota, he has been involved with a number of projects with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). Such projects include developing and implementing a pile driving formula appropriate to MnDOT practice, implementing a static load testing program (MnPILE) for driven pile foundations, and a number of deep foundation instrumentation projects at sites where negative skin friction (downdrag) was anticipated. Dr. Budge recently had a sabbatical leave from Minnesota State Mankato, working part-time with Barr Engineering Company and also completing work under contract with MnDOT. He has served as an instructor and field demonstrator at the PDCA-sponsored Professors Piling Institute hosted at Utah State University, along with teaching an ASCE workshop entitled “Deep Foundations: Design, Construction, and Quality Control.” Dr. Budge serves as faculty advisor for the ASCE Student Chapter at Minnesota State University and is currently vice-chair of the Engineering Geology and Site Characterization committee of the ASCE Geo-Institute.

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