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Instructor Resources Overview

Welcome to HalfMoon Education’s resources on creating an engaging learning environment! At HalfMoon Education, we pride ourselves on offering effective continuing education seminars and webinars in which our students get learn from our instructor’s expertise and immediately apply it to their own work. The videos on this page can help familiarize yourself with the basics of online learning, webinar/seminar construction, and the many features GoToWebinar offers that will help your audience become and stay engaged.

Each video is 1-5 minutes long, and feel free to skip around based on your particular needs and interests; however, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your assigned planner or moderator. We are excited to work with you and ensure your webinar or seminar runs smoothly.

If you’ve never used GoToWebinar before, please watch the following video first: 

Introduction to communicating in GoToWebinar: Question and Chat Tabs.

If you are new to GoToWebinar, start here! For our customer’s privacy and safety, we typically turn off all microphones and cameras on our hosting system, so audience engagement looks a bit different than you would expect. This video will provide an overview of the Question and Chat tab, the two communication tools you can use as an instructor. 

Module One: Creating an Inviting Environment for Discussion
Welcome to Module One! Teaching in a webinar format can be an exciting challenge for instructors used to running in person seminars. The videos listed below will provide series of tips and tricks that can make your audience feel more comfortable speaking up, asking questions, and sharing their ideas. 

Video One: Starting Your Webinar Off Right
This video will provide a few quick strategies to make the beginning of your webinar more engaging and encourage your audience to jump in with their ideas and questions. 

Video Two: Facilitating Conversation on GoToWebinar
This video provides a series of simple tips and tricks to help facilitate conversation and encourage audience response on GoToWebinar. 

Module Two: Webinar Organization and Adding Effective Questions

Welcome to Module Two! This series aims to help you more effectively organize your webinars and develop questions that will enable you to assess your audience’s learning. Free free to jump around to the topics you feel are most useful, but if you aren’t familiar with the concept of cognitive overload, definitely start with video one, as our tips and strategies are based on that particular framework. 

Video One: What is Cognitive Overload?

Welcome to our next series: Organizing your Webinar and Developing Effective Questions! This video will provide a conceptual backbone for the rest of the series by answering what cognitive overload is and why it’s important to keep in mind while designing your webinar.

Video Two: Developing Effective Questions

This video will explain why adding questions to assess learning will help your audience learn and retain your webinar materials, as well as provide tips for revising your questions for maximum effectiveness. 

Video Three: Organizing Your Webinar Using Chunking Methodologies
This video will teach you about a learning strategy called “chunking,” first developed by George A. Miller in 1959, which will help you easily organize your webinar (both content and questions) so that your audience will better retain what they’ve learned. 

Video Four: Using the GoToWebinar Poll Function

This video will provide an overview of how the poll feature works, why it increases engagement, and how to implement it successfully in your webinar with the help of your webinar moderator.